4/12/2007 - Indonesia High End Audio Club ( IHEAC) Show 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The High-End Audio instrument has been developing gradually and rapidly not only in overseas but also dwellers to the high-income level in some of the big cities in Indonesia.

Indonesia, is a nation of 17,508 islands in the Indonesia archipelago, with a population of over 200 million, it is the world‘s third largest democracy after India and the USA. Indonesian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2005 was US$287 billion, with per capita GDP (PPP) being US$4,458, ranking Indonesia 110th in the world. The services sector is the economy‘s largest accounting for 45,3% of GDP (2005), followed by industry (40,7%) and agriculture (14.0%) and being projected will be growing rapidly in the years to come. [Source: Indonesia by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Metro TV by Emil Salim]

Indonesia becoming one of the potential and promising market for business development as well as for the national and international investors, despite of unfavorable labor law, to expand their business in this country and this euphoria will also bring some implication towards people life styles including a demand of the best quality of audio devices to fulfill their utmost satisfaction towards music entertainment. And according to High-End Audio market research in Indonesia, there are more than 200 registered of High-End Audio fans with vary interest of equipments, brands and prices, for Digital, Electronic, Loudspeaker, Projectors, Data Screen, Power, Analog and Accessories. To accomplish and accommodate this demand one organization named IHEAC (Indonesia High-End Audio Club) has been formed, IHEAC is a non-profit organization registered by the ministry of justice on April 29’ 2004 consist of :

Board of Supervision:

Dr. Bambang Subianto, former Ministry of Finance, and former director general of Directorate of Financial Institutions and insurance of Ministry of Finance, former Head of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA).Joined Ernst & Young, as a partner in July 2000, retiring in 2005. Since then he has been appointed president commissioner of PT Star Energy Investments and is an independent commissioner of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Currently Head of the Decentralization Committee of the National Economic Committee.
Bambang Hartono, one the 10 tycoon in South East Asia, Owner of PT. Djarum Kudus with total asset of $2.3 billion, The Djarum business owner started in 1951 in Kudus, Central Java. Today the company is holding the majority shares in Bank Central Asia. The Djarum Group is currently keen on the property business, including building Grand Indonesia on the land formerly occupied by Hotel Indonesia located at the heart of the city center of Jakarta.
Soegeng Sardjadi, Board of Commissioners of Surabaya Stock Exchange, a businessman familiar with popular sentiments as he was once an ex-Legislative member and 1966 exponent. Recently launching his first Smooth Jazz album. Currently Board of Director of Soegeng Sardjadi Syndicate Organization.
Teddy Hailamsyah – The Chairman. Currently the President Director of ACA Insurance, Secretary General of ASEAN Insurance Council since 1999. Active in AAUI (previously knows as DAI) since 1990, One of the founders of Indonesia Rendezvous, Executive Board Member of East Asia Insurance Congress since 2000, Member of Indonesia General Insurance Architecture Team in 2005 and Member of the Board of Advisory of the Indonesia Insurance Day 2006.
Boy Alimoeddin - Secretary. A Lawyer, formerly sat in the Board Executive Members of Indonesian Lawyer Association (AAI) and formerly one of the Chairmen of ORARI (Indonesia Radio Amateur Organization).
SuwirjoJosowidjojo – Treasury. Currently the President Director of Panin Insurance, Commissioner of Panin Bank, and active as the Executive in Panin Group. PT Panin Insurance Tbk is an Indonesia-based insurance company. Its subsidiaries, which are engaged in the life insurance business and the general trading and services industries.

Some of IHEAC objective is to introduce the best quality of high-end audio solution dedicated to public and the Audiophile’s in Indonesia. To achieve wider and explicitly exposure of high-end audio also to stimulate the importer of promoting their latest available product in the market plus to accommodate and enhance the knowledge towards high-end audio fans as well as the new Audiophile. In line with that, we would like to hold IHEAC Show in Jakarta by August or September 2007.

This prestigious event will be sponsored by:

PT. BCA (Bank Central Asia. Tbk)
PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) founded in 1957. One of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia, offering a wide selection of individual and business products & services to its customer. Operating 3,359 ATM’s and 3,400 Point-of-Sale (POS) devices as well as facilitating telephone, mobile and internet transaction. BCA processing nearly 2 million transactions per day. The Bank is supported by 789 domestic branch offices and two overseas branch offices.
TRANS TV (Televisi Transformasi Indonesia)
Trans TV is an Indonesian national television station. Owned by Chairul Tanjung, it began broadcasting in 2001, similar to other commercial stations, showing news, movies, drama series, variety shows, quiz shows, and children‘s programs and becoming TV favorite channel by mostly of the executive viewers in Indonesia.
WHAT HI-FI? Sound and Vision magazine
One of the world’s No.1 home entertainment magazine. Published by Kompas in cooperation with WHAT HI-FI Haymarket - UK. Kompas is the most widely read newspaper in Indonesia. It has a reputation in Indonesia for high-quality writing and investigative journalism. The largest national newspaper in Indonesia. In 2004, its daily circulation reached some 530,000 copies, and its Sunday edition, 610,000 copies. Readership totaled some 2.25 million.

Audio’s Magazine (Audio Video, Audio Mobil, Audio Interior and Audio Pro) lead by Tjandra Ghozali as Chief Editor, 27 years experienced in High-End Audio. Those magazines published by Pinpoint publication since 1980 provides information about Audio Video with 25,000 circulations per month, Audio Mobil 30,000 per month, Audio Interior 10,000 per month and Audio Pro 18,000 circulation per month.
Audio Lifestyle Magazine leads by L. Gatot Susetyo as the Chief Editor. It’s a monthly magazine published by PT. Natica Media Visioner since December 2006 provides information, news and review about audio video products, car audio, interior design, gadget and multimedia, DIY(do it yourself) community and leisure palaces, wrapped in a lifestyle way. Currently, it has circulation 20,000 copies and distributed to almost 24 provinces in Indonesia.

Currently we are finalizing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TRANS TV and KOMPAS in creating a news value started in March onwards until the date of IHEAC Show to gear up public attention and boost up their interest to visit this event.

Additionally, another MOU with Bank Central Asia (BCA) is on going. BCA will provide data base to invite their customers (BCA Prioritas and BCA Visa/Master and BCA Gold/Platinum card holders) to attend this IHEAC Show.

This IHEAC Show 2007 would be more successful not only sponsored by reputable sponsorship but also with your support and participation as a Principle who will also provides Technical Support and Know How in promoting your products during the IHEAC Show which also a unique opportunity to reach out to a community comprised of and interested in the interdisciplinary work being done by High-End Audio devices, therefore we are cordially invite you to attend the IHEAC Show 2007 which will taking place on August or September 2007.

Looking forward for your response and suggestion on this invitation. Please contact my personal email: or and my Cell phone : +62-8168.67518 (Indonesia), +65-98620.489 (Singapore, weekend only) or contact Mr. Herman Chandra (Chairman of IHEAC Show Organizing Committee) at :, Cell phone: +62-8129118028 (Indonesia).

Thank you in advance for your attention and participation on this invitation.



Teddy Hailamsah
Chairman of IHEAC

Wisma Asia 12A floor - Jl. S. Parman Kav. 79
Email :
Telp. +62-021-5638028 - Fax :+62- 021-5638029

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